Welcome to Spin the 1s and 2s!  If you love music, or are an aspiring DJ, this is the place for you! My name is KSCRBL3 and I will be your host.  Spin the 1s and 2s has information on my upcoming show and tour dates, the radio show Scribble Sessions, and a blog for DJs.

Who is KSCRBL3?

Kscrbl3 is a DJ out of North Dakota who has over 5 years of experience.  He started in Fargo after he dropped out of graduate school, and he has been DJing ever since.  Despite his short career, KSCRBL3 has been featured on Y93, KWIS 88.3 FM, opened for major acts, and has held residencies in both Bismarck and Fargo, ND

Scribble Sessions

Spin the 1s and 2s is the home of Scribble Sessions, where I play the hottest electronic tracks and remixes. Scribble Sessions is on KWIS 88.3 FM every Friday at 4pm Pacific.  Get the Tune In app for you phone or tablet, search KWIS and push play. Exclusive episodes and episodes not safe for radio get released every Wednesday on Soundcloud.  Head over to our Mixcloud page and have a listen.

The Blog

The blog here at Spin the 1s and 2s is specifically for DJs working in the trenches.  I want to help you build your brand, increase your following, and get more gigs.  Yes, there may be the occasional gear review, but only because something is so awesome that I can't help myself.  My focus is taking through my journey and help you in developing your craft and learning the art of DJing.

I hope you guys enjoy your stay.  For more information follow on Twitter and Instagram @spinthe1sand2s.  Also check out our Facebook page - Facebook.com/spinthe1sand2s