Scribble Sessions

Weekly Mixshow Featuring the Hottest Electronic Tracks and Remixes

Scribble Sessions is our weekly radio show.  Currently it airs Friday at 4pm Pacific on KWIS 88.3 FM.  Shows can be heard in real time on the TuneIn App on your mobile device.  Just search KWIS and push play.

Exclusive Content

Additional shows, such as shows featuring material not safe for radio, are posted on Wednesdays on our Mixcloud page.

What Makes Us Different?

How we do Scribble Sessions is different than most Dj Mix Shows.  The concept of this show came from the recording sessions and jam sessions of jazz musicians in the 50s and 60s.  This show is recorded live, in one take.  You get to hear all of the mistakes, and of course all the accidents as well.

Track Lists and More

Below are the track lists, show notes and Mixcloud links for the shows that made it online.